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“Where is my Justice?”

Where is my justice?!

This is not simply a question I have asked for myself when encountering injustice (though trust me, I have asked). When I look at this question I see the faces of loved ones I’ve known, ones I have not known yet, and some I’ll never have the pleasure of meeting. Chained, overworked, forced into unthinkable acts using even more unthinkable methods, we are facing a slave epidemic of proportions far more epic than the trans-Atlantic slave trade ever imagined it could be. Human flesh is now worth its weight in gold, human souls deemed a fair loss considering the gain. When I think of these lost ones I imagine I hear them crying out.

Where is my justice?!

Can you hear them?

All too often we don’t. I don’t. But as we enter the new year, with this first month being Human Trafficking Awareness Month, I resolve not only to lose a few pounds and gain a few good habits; I resolve to be love, and embody freedom.

Where is my justice?

All too often the answer to this most poignant question goes unanswered because the answer is us, and we are not moved. I decide this year to be moved. I decide to allow the brokenness of this world to move me. I decide to let Holy Spirit speak to me, and lead me in an answer to this question. If justice is a Man (and He’s coming!), and I am His hands and feet until His return, why is He not being seen?

It’s time to make Jesus famous on stages with an audience of One.